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Quality of Life Among Nursing Home Residents Compared With the Elderly at Home   Research Article
Mental Health and HIV-Related High-Risk Behaviors Among Female Sex Workers   Research Article
Meeting Report on First National Seminar of Media and Health: 7th August 2014, Shiraz, Iran   Meeting Report
Quality of Life of Migraine Patients Treated With Combined Propranolol and Topiramate   Research Article
An Analytical Study on Healthcare Inflation Rate and Its Most Important Components in Iran   Research Article
Clinical Reasoning and Improvement in the Quality of Medical Education   Research Article
Estimating production function: a tool for Hospital Resource Management   Research Article
Gender Differences in Progression to AIDS and Death After HIV Diagnosis   Research Article
The Effect of Herbal Tea Containing Fennel Seed on Breast Milk Sufficiency Signs and Growth Parameters of Iranian Infants   Research Article