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Hypogonadism and Associated Factors in Patients With HIV Infection Based on Total and Free Testosterone   Research Article
Improvement of Severe Congestive Heart Failure and Valvular Involvement After Living Kidney Transplantation   Case Report
The Effects of Ramadan Fasting on Body Composition   Review Article
Phytochemicals and Hypertension   Review Article
An Interesting Case of Misdiagnosed Inflammatory Bowel Disease With Immunoproliferative Small Intestine Disorder   Case Report
A Novel Mutation in the α2-Globin Gene in Two Unrelated Iranian Families   Research Article
Comparison of the Stereological Study Findings of Liver Biopsy Between Biliary Atresia and Neonatal Hepatitis: Is It Helpful in Differentiating Them?   Research Article
The Effect of Consuming Food With “Warm” or “Cold” Temperaments on Students’ Mental Health and Aggression   Research Article