Shiraz E-Medical Journal : 2012, Vol 13, Issue 2 Abstracts XML

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Effect of Inflammatory Factors on β2-Microglobulin in Hemodialysis Patients.   Research Article
Hydatid Cyst Disease of the Spine: a Case Report.   Case Report
Tuberculosis Lymphadenitis: A Case Report   Case Report
Relations Between Umbilical Troponin T Levels And Fetal Distress   Research Article
Is there any Association Between Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Myasthenia Gravis?   Case Report
Impact of Shift Work on General Health Status of Medical Residents   Research Article
Sulphur Thermal Water Improves Blood Lipids But Not Total Anti-oxidant Capacity in Knee Osteoarthritis Patients   Research Article
What is the Difference between Causes of ESRD in Iran and Developing Countries?   Research Article