Shiraz E-Medical Journal : 2006, Vol 7, Issue 4 Abstracts XML

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Ampicillin Usage and Ampicillin Resistant (Ampr) Plasmids Mediated Escherichia Coli Isolated from Diarrheagenic Patients Attending Some Teaching Hospital in Nigeria.   Research Article
Burn During Pregnancy, A Five Year Survey to Assess Maternal and Fetal Mortality   Research Article
Fibromyalgia   Review Article
Development of Henoch_Schoenlein Vasculitis Following Ranitidine Administration in a Geriatric Patient   Case Report
An Evaluation on the Relation between Chronic Mouth Breathing and Children IQ   Research Article
Vanishing Renal Cyst or Spontaneous Rupture of a Known Renal Cyst.   Case Report