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Leukemia Cutis (Answer to the Clinical Quiz of the Previous Issue)

1 Assistant Professor, Section of hematology oncology, Department of Internal medicine, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran.
*Corresponding Author: M Dehghani, Department of Internal medicine, Shiraz University of Medical Sci-ences, Shiraz, Iran, Telephone: +98(711) 623-8905, Fax: +98(711) 628-1216, E-mail: [email protected].
Shiraz E-Medical Journal. 2009 April; 10(2): 93-6.
Article Type: Research Article; Received: Jul 19, 2008; Accepted: Jul 19, 2008; epub: Apr 1, 2009; ppub: Apr 2009


Abstract:: Skin infiltration in leukemia occurs rarely. Leukemia cutis has a wide range of cutaneous manifestations from maculopapular to tumorous stage. Patients with Leukemia cutis usually have concomitant systemic leukemia, but occasionally skin involvement precedes the in-volvement of the bone marrow or peripheral blood. Complete remission could be achieved with chemotherapy, however, the long term prognosis is poor.

Keywords: Leukemia cutis; Myelomonocytic leukemia